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DeviousPK is the fastest growing, highly rated, perfectly balanced Spawn to PK server with a side of economy to suit all preferences.

With perfect a Perfect hybridding algorithm, enhanced by up to date items and risk factor, DeviousPK is the most enjoyable server of it's time.

With hundreds of players online at a time and a whole new marketing strategy to boost this playercount into the thousands, becoming a member of DeviousPK is a sure way to become a part of a dedicated, ever-growing community.

Enjoy Player-vs-Monster aspects with completely working corporal beast, tormented demons and many, many more monsters to slay with beneficial rewards for doing so.

There's no need to train combat stats, the opportunity to be level 126 is available straight from the off-go and the ability to change these to be any level you want offers an enhanced way of PKing.

For those who enjoy the skilling element of a private server, all skills have been reworked to offer the best skilling experience.

Our unique features include, but are not limited to:

Unique Features

Perfect combat, with great switches for Hybrids.

Working ::max to get yourself level126 straight away.

Instant Pking upon login.

Spawn commands added.

24/7 Uptime, with no lag.

Bonus XP in a special skill, skill is different after every 24 Hours or after server reset.

PK server with Skilling for more options obtaining items.

23 working skills, including summoning. 

Fully working prayers and spells including Curses.

Automated voting and donation system.

Gain PK points by doing trivia, skilling and killing other players.

Honor Points, rewarded every 12 hours after log in.

Added colored yells for Donators and Super Donators.

An amazing Pvp rating System that will give you points at the end of the day based on your rating. 

Voting shop at home with great rewards.

2 Donator shops located at home.

Active Forums. 

Weekly events with huge prizes to win.

Active sociall media (youtube, facebook, twitter).

Bosses ( Godwars Dungeon ).

Staff teamEdit


- Arre


- Ferry


- Cory


- Jet

- J

Head Mod:

- Master Roshi

Community Manager:

- Ima Shine

Marketing Manager:

- Seven

Global Moderator(s):

- Boden

In-Game Moderator(s):

- Tom

- Stealth

Forum Moderator (s):

- Kaamea


- Down Under

- Logan

- Elysian

- Kaamea

Trial Helper(s):


Latest activityEdit

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